Archivarix CMS


什么是Archivarix CMS

存档 CMS 是一种免费的紧凑型开源 cms, 专为管理从 web 存档或下载的网站恢复而设计的。该系统与 SQLite 一起工作, 只是一个小文件。要安装它, 您不需要创建 sql 数据库并配置任何内容, 只需将文件上传到服务器即可。

我们的 CMS 优势:

  • 我们的 cms 得益于 html 代码、css、java 脚本和下载网站图像的优化, 以及小尺寸的工作速度比大多数其他网站快得多。这对搜索引擎的网站索引有积极的影响。
  • 紧凑和可扩展性-只需1个文件!无需创建数据库或启动帐户, 系统会在上载到服务器后立即正常工作。
  • 功能-在存档 cms 的帮助下, 您可以在所见即所得编辑器中编辑文件, 创建和删除页面, 搜索和替换整个网站, 添加您的代码、图像和脚本。
  • 我们的 CMS 还可以在一个网站上与任何其他网站 (例如, 与 Wordpress 或 Drupal) 合作。
  • 灵活性-转换在任何 CMS 上运行的任何网站, 甚至在存档 cms 中的纯 HTML 上进行的转换的能力。



- support for IDN domains;
- support for URLs with incorrect symbols when decoded;
- adaptive design improvements;


- search within URLs and make replaces including regex support;
- new ACMS_PURGE_HISTORY to clean and disable history;
- additional code improvements;
- translation fixes;
- updated components from CDN;
- improved support for subdomains;


- Search & Replace multiline support;
- small bugfixes and code improvements;


- default interface locale based on your browser Accept-Language header;
- external URLs support in Redirect value;
- Search & Replace in other text formats (js, css, txt, json, xml);
- create new URLs with different mime-types directly from CMS without cloning;
- new Stats section with charts;
- alert for legacy SQLite versions;
- first stage implementation for our new 'Missing URLs' feature;


- code improvements to work on servers with short_open_tag disabled in PHP;
- simplified and more intuitive password setup (just set ACMS_PASSWORD value);
- new ACMS_LEAN_MODE to disable left tree menu for huge restores (drastically saves memory);
- new ACMS_MATCHES_LIMIT to limit results for Search and Replace (saves memory, does not slow down browser);


- improved support for SQLite older than 3.8.3;


- more support for old and rare charsets;


- a tiny fix for ACMS_LOGIN_PAGE = 1;


- custom password support: ACMS_LOGIN_PAGE = 'mypassword';
- detect missing mbstring that is required for Search & Replace;


- just an English localization fix;


- first public release version;
- total count of pages and matches in Search & Replace;
- video Tutorial in Russian language;
- increased memory_limit;


- roll back and purge selected backups;
- better unicode support in Search & Replace;


- sub-domains support;
- custom domain setting;
- default sort in History section;
- no red "IP restriction" message if login page is enabled;